Perifit Reviews from Real Customers

Perifit Reviews from Real Customers

Hear from women who played video games to improve pelvic floor strength

Could driving a race car in a video game be the answer to your bladder leaks?

That's the promise of Perifit, a French-designed Kegel trainer that helps you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through 12 interactive smartphone games.

Perifit's biofeedback device displays your Kegels on screen during workouts designed for issues like stress or urge incontinence. The trainer challenges you to advance through 10 levels of difficulty, offering feedback and performance scores along the way.

Reviewers gave Perifit 4.5 out of 5 stars on average, with women calling the games not only effective but legitimately fun. A minority of users experienced discomfort or issues connecting or positioning the device.

Vagercise, an authorized retailer of pelvic health products, offers Perifit in stock, with free shipping and HSA/FSA payments. Read our Best Kegel Trainers post to learn more about Perifit and similar gamified Kegel exercisers.

See what real customers said about Perifit in this summary.

Best Perifit Reviews

Perifit strengthens the pelvic floor and improves incontinence

For many women, it only took a matter of weeks to notice life-changing improvements to their pelvic floor strength after using Perifit.

"I have had it for two weeks and feel like my leakage has completely stopped," Heather said.

Bindi said six weeks of using Perifit improved her prolapse, a condition in which the pelvic organs drop into the vagina.

"I should be a walking—no, RUNNING advertisement for Perifit," she said. "It cured my prolapse, and now I can finally run again."

Perifit challenges and motivates you to exercise

While other Kegel trainer apps consist of simple target shooting exercises, Perifit offers a full-blown video game world with music, sophisticated graphics and game environments ranging from the ocean to outer space.

Reviewers say Perifit's games turn Kegels into something you actually want to do—especially if you have a competitive streak.

"Anything that can make Kegels enjoyable is nothing short of a miracle," wrote reviewer B.M. "The sessions fly by and I have to stop myself from continuing to play."

"I love playing the games," Sara said. "The difficulty of the games increases as you play, so you don't get bored!"

Perifit helps you learn correct Kegel technique

"Who would have ever known there was a wrong way to do Kegels??!!" Corrina wrote in her review.

Actually, studies suggest that one in four women don't do Kegels correctly. Perifit contains dual sensors that not only track your strength but measure the pressure in your abdomen, allowing the device to notify you of incorrect technique.

Even women who were already confident with Kegels said they had educational takeaways from their Perifit workouts.

"I felt I knew how to do Kegel exercises pretty well," Sara said. "What I didn't know was the variety of ways you can control them, different intensities, different lengths, having to gradually do them instead of just squeezing as hard as possible."

"This has taught me how to both tighten and relax," wrote PB. "I can now actually be aware of what the tension feels like and release that throughout the day."

Perifit is less expensive than other treatments

You can buy Perifit for $149—about the same cost as a single visit to a pelvic floor physical therapist. Women said they bought Perifit as a replacement for PT or even as an addition to in-office visits at the recommendation of their therapist.

"Was seeing a pelvic floor PT that I loved but was frustrated with the cost and time involved. This is so easy and I can do it at home," wrote faith2rn.

Toni said she saw results after using Perifit for about a month, having previously done pelvic floor therapy exercises in a doctor's office and at home each night.

"Nothing is as good as my Perifit!" she said. "You have the excitement of mastery and knowing true progress over time."

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Negative Perifit Reviews

Perifit can be difficult to position

Some users said that Perifit fell out of the vagina mid-workout, requiring them to recalibrate the device or hold it inside during use.

Women also noted that different device positioning affected their performance, hindering their progress and causing frustration.

"I can't always get myself and the device positioned so that I can control the games smoothly," Christa said. "This means I'm actually not getting the practice at mid-level Kegel contractions or the finer levels of control that the games are designed to teach."

"It's difficult to understand if you are doing the exercise wrong because of moving the wrong muscles or because you introduce it in a wrong way," one reviewer said of positioning issues. 

Perifit can experience Bluetooth problems

Like any Bluetooth product, Perifit may not always connect to your device properly. That's why Elizabeth called it "the worst Bluetooth radio ever" in her review.

"The conductivity issues just aren't great and it makes it too fussy," she said.

"I just hate that it disconnects so much, like sometimes 5x throughout my session," Maya said. "I'm becoming discouraged from doing them every night because of this issue."

Perifit can feel uncomfortable for some users

At 3.1 inches in length, Perifit is smaller than the average penis. But some older women in particular complained that it caused painful penetration.

"A lot of us have reached a certain age and are no longer having sex, so the device actually hurts upon insertion," Barbara said.

Issues like incontinence are sometimes caused by tension, not weakness (or both). Learn more about pelvic pain here.

Other reviewers noted that lubricants, which are recommended for use with Kegel trainers, made their experience more comfortable.

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Learn More About Perifit

Vagercise, an independent, woman-owned resource for pelvic floor health, is an an authorized retailer of Perifit that accepts HSA/FSA payments and offers free shipping.

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