Pelvic Floor Therapy Near Me

pelvic floor therapy near me

Every woman with pelvic floor dysfunction is unique, and there's no one way to treat issues like incontinence and discomfort with sex.

That's why it can be valuable to see a health care professional for individualized care and a hands-on assessment of your pelvic muscles.

The top providers of pelvic floor therapy include physicians like OB/GYNs and physical therapists who have taken continuing education courses on the pelvic floor.

But many other types of professionals—from massage therapists to fitness trainers to mental health counselors—can also help women gain pelvic floor strength, reduce pain and overcome sexual challenges.

See these resources for finding pelvic floor therapy near you.

American Physical Therapy Association

To find specialized physical therapists in your area, enter your zip code and travel radius, then type "Pelvic Health" into the "Practice Focus" field.

You can also select "Women's Health" in the "Find by Specialist" field.

Pelvic Guru

Pelvic Guru is an organization offering educational resources for health professionals and a provider directory for patients.

Search for a provider within a radius of your zip code, using the settings icon to search by specialty, condition and/or clinic type.

The Pelvic Guru directory is open to professionals including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, sex therapists and educators, doulas, midwives, fitness professionals, massage therapists, psychologists and more.

Pelvic Rehab

Pelvic Rehab is a directory of pelvic floor practitioners managed by the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, an educational organization for health care professionals.

The directory offers a search by zip code and highlights practitioners that have completed the organization's Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification.

Providers include licensed physical therapists, physicians, registered nurses, physician's assistants and more.

The Flower Empowered

Created by a Swedish yoga teacher specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, The Flower Empowered offers information, courses and community groups for pelvic floor issues.

The Flower Empowered directory includes nearly 5,000 specialists from 48 countries, including physical therapists, physicians, psychologists, fitness professionals and more.