Helping Women Restore Their Pelvic Floors

If one in every four women had a broken arm, we'd all be alarmed.

Yet we largely ignore the fact that a quarter of American women are suffering from a hidden health problem: a disorder of the pelvic floor, the group of muscles that support key organs like the bladder and rectum.

Vagercise aims to spread awareness of pelvic floor issues, connecting women with resources to improve symptoms like incontinence, pain and sexual dysfunction.

We're an authorized retailer of high-quality, FDA-cleared products including Kegel exercisers and pain management tools.

We work with women's health experts to provide educational content you can trust.

Whether you had a baby six weeks or 30 years ago, Vagercise connects you with the resources you need to get the help you deserve.

About the Founder

I read the entirety of What to Expect: The First Year before my son's first day, yet I never considered I'd be the one with problems after he was born.

For months, I experienced incontinence with every sneeze and stubbed toe. I couldn't always make it to the bathroom in time. Everything hurt. I gave up my active lifestyle, unable to exercise without leaking and pain.

The cause was something I'd never even heard of: my pelvic floor.

No one had ever mentioned that term, not my OB/GYN, my mom or the dozens of friends who'd had babies (and issues) before me.

Since then, I've made it my mission to learn about pelvic floor health. As a former reporter and e-commerce entrepreneur, I created Vagercise to be the resource I needed.

Pelvic floor information, exercises and products have helped me regain strength and reclaim my life—and I hope Vagercise can help you do the same.

- Amy

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