Elvie Trainer Reviews from Real Customers

Elvie Trainer Reviews from Real Customers

See what hundreds of women think of this industry-leading Kegel trainer

The Elvie Trainer is one of the most popular Kegel exercisers that helps women gain pelvic floor strength—while doing a little gaming at the same time.

Made by the British company known for its high-tech breast pumps, the Elvie Trainer guides you through a five-minute workout in which your Kegels appear on your phone as a jewel hitting targets in a series of games.

But is the Elvie Trainer worth it?

Reviewers gave the Elvie Trainer 3.9 out of 5 stars on average, with the majority praising the product's ease of use and effectiveness, and some users reporting problems with positioning and connecting the tampon-sized device.

Vagercise, an authorized retailer of pelvic health products, offers the Elvie Trainer in stock, with free shipping and HSA/FSA payments. Read our Best Kegel Trainers post to learn more about the Elvie Trainer and similar gamified Kegel exercisers.

Hear what hundreds of women had to say in this summary of Elvie Trainer reviews.

Best Elvie Trainer Reviews

Elvie Trainer reduces incontinence and leaks during exercise

Many women reported fewer bladder leaks within weeks of using the Elvie Trainer, empowering them to lead an active lifestyle.

"This trainer has been life-changing," Nozar said. "I feel so much freedom going to the gym and pushing myself harder without any leaking concerns."

"It has had a dramatic impact on how I feel walking/running and in my everyday life," Miriam said. 

"I can now run and exercise with no issues at all, which has amazed me," wrote Em25. 

Elvie Trainer motivates you to keep exercising

The Elvie Trainer connects your contractions to on-screen video games with a gem that hits targets. Reviewers said the games—and subsequent strength and accuracy scores—were more engaging than doing Kegels alone.

"The exercises get progressively more challenging and the feedback following a session is motivating," said reviewer mwb60.

"It's like playing Candy Crush with your lady parts," said DayDreamer2022. "The app gives you progress reports and when you see you progressing every day, it's a great feeling."

Elvie Trainer is less expensive than other treatments

At $199, the cost of the Elvie Trainer may be only slightly higher than a single visit to a pelvic floor physical therapist, many of whom operate on a cash-only basis.

User KellyKelly wrote that she initially bought the Elvie Trainer and saw a physical therapist years ago, then recently resumed using it when her pelvic floor issues resurfaced. With the app, she can tell whether she's relaxing her muscles between Kegels—a problem she originally discussed with her therapist.

"This saves me so much money in additional physio appointments!" she said.

Some women also use the Elvie Trainer in tandem with medical appointments: A reviewer named Grammy said she bought one at the advice of her PT.

"A very handy, easy to use tool for someone who has never done pelvic floor exercises before," she wrote. "I liked seeing how my contractions were doing, if they were weak or getting stronger with time."

Elvie Trainer helps women at all life stages

Both first-time moms and menopausal women found the Elvie Trainer to be effective and easy to use.

"Within 10 days of using, I already feel a difference!" wrote Sarah, who is three years postpartum. "It's so easy to use, only takes a few minutes, and the feedback on the app is extremely helpful."

"Fantastic results in under two weeks in my 77th year," wrote Leicliver.

Elvie Trainer offers quick, convenient workouts

Elvie says that women notice improvements in as little as a month after using the Trainer for just five minutes a day, three times a week.

Users like Merlin59 said she experienced fewer leaks after only two weeks of daily use: "I feel a lot more toned and I don't even need to use panty liners anymore."

After trying at-home exercises that required up to 40 minutes, Brandi said she saw better results in less time with the Elvie Trainer.

"I am only 46 and feeling more optimistic that stress incontinence doesn't have to a regular thing for me," she said. "The daily few minutes required works, y'all!"

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Negative Elvie Trainer Reviews

Elvie Trainer falls out of the vagina

Some reviewers complained that they couldn't keep the Elvie Trainer in their vagina, negating their workouts.

"It kept falling out (due to my muscles, or lack thereof)," wrote reviewer Llv123. "The scoring didn't correspond to anything I did."

"When contracting muscles, slides out even if on the bed. Forget about standing and exercising," Autumn22 wrote in her review.

If you're experiencing slippage, Elvie recommends holding the Trainer at the base of its tail. It's best to use the product while lying down or standing up, with legs shoulder-width apart. 

The Elvie Trainer also comes with an optional cover that can be added to increase the size of the product.

Elvie Trainer app offers limited instructions

While some Kegel trainers measure only contraction strength, the Elvie Trainer also contains sensors measuring directional pull. As a result, the product tells you if you're using incorrect form on your Kegels—as in pushing down instead of lifting up with a contraction.

Some reviewers said they wished the app gave more instructions (See How to Do Kegel Exercises for our advice).

"The item often tells me I'm performing the exercise wrong, which could be harmful, but gives VERY little advice on how to fix this beyond visiting a doctor (which I was trying to avoid by buying this)," Marianna said.

"The app would tell me to see a physiologist as I wasn't doing it right, but does not give tips to improve technique," the user Jpero said.

Elvie Trainer can experience Bluetooth problems

Just like your ear buds at the beginning of a conference call, Bluetooth-connected products sometimes have unreliable connectivity. 

Elvie Trainer is no different, except it's a little more difficult to disconnect and reconnect a product that's in your vagina.

"When I am able to insert it correctly, it works intermittently," Sharon H. wrote.

"I have trouble getting it to connect in the first place and when it does, it disconnects halfway through the workout, losing all my progress," said a reviewer named Goog.

Some reviewers also said the app seemed to register Kegels incorrectly, perhaps as a result of connection issues.

"The trainer did not respond via Bluetooth. The gem hovered and moved on its own during workouts," wrote Carla RPh.

elvie trainer reviews

Learn More About Elvie Trainer

Vagercise, an independent, woman-owned resource for pelvic floor health, is an an authorized retailer of the Elvie Trainer that accepts HSA/FSA payments and offers free shipping.

Want to know more about the Elvie Trainer or other Kegel trainer products? Contact us at info@vagercise.com.

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