Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Kegel Trainer Comparison

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Kegel Trainer Comparison

Compare Perifit's original Kegel trainer with the new Care+ designed for added movement

Kegel exercises are actually fun with Perifit, the app-enabled device that shows your pelvic floor contractions as objects in a video game.

Your squeezes power an asteroid-dodging spaceship or a fish-munching dolphin in games tailored to issues like incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction.

But the original Perifit has limitations: It can only be used while sitting or laying down. That means you can't fully train for real life—because you probably leak when you're standing and moving, not laying in bed.

Now, the French company has introduced an additional device that takes pelvic floor fitness to the next level with full-body strengthening.

In 2024, Perifit Care+ launched in the United States as an FDA-cleared Kegel trainer that's smaller and more flexible than its predecessor, allowing for the device to be used during movements like standing up or squatting.

(As the company expands its product line, it also rebranded the devices to include the "Care" name).

Perifit Care and Perifit Care Plus use the same app and games, but the upgraded plus version allows women to incorporate functional movement that better prepares them for activities like running and jumping.

The company plans to continue offering both models, leaving a choice between the full-featured Perifit Care+ and its lower-priced original.

We'll review all the differences between Perifit Care and Perifit Care+ in this article from Vagercise, an authorized Perifit retailer offering free shipping and HSA/FSA payments.

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Price

Billed as a device for full-body workout—not just Kegels—the Perifit Care+ commands a price point that's $30 higher than its predecessor.

  • Perifit Care: $149
  • Perifit Care: $179

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Kegel Trainer Comparison

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Size

The new Perifit Care+ is slightly smaller and lighter than original, with a new design that offers more comfort and mobility.

With both models, the rounded portion of the device containing two sensors—one superficial and one deep—is inserted into the vagina. With the original device, the area between the sensors is stiff, while the Perifit Care+ version is more flexible.

Each device also has a component that contains the Bluetooth antenna and remains outside the body for ease of removal.

The original Perifit Care has a white base with attached string, while the Perifit Care+ has a silicone tail that makes the bottom of the device smaller and less rigid. The tail hinges with movement, helping the device adapt to your body as you exercise.


Here are the dimensions for the insertable portions of each device.

  • Perifit Care+: 1.06"D x 2.48"L 
  • Perifit Care: 0.8"D x 3.1"L 


  • Perifit Care+: 40g
  • Perifit Care: 54g

See the photo below for a look at the original device (available in both mint and pink) and the updated Perifit Care+, which comes in lilac.

perifit care+ vs perifit care 

How to Use Perifit Care+ and Perifit Care

Both devices are inserted into the vaginal canal, tampon-style, and connect with your phone using Bluetooth.

Perifit Care+ and Perifit Care use the same app that guides you through pelvic floor workouts customized for one of these goals:

  • Recover from pregnancy
  • Stop leaks
  • Reduce prolapse symptoms
  • Improve sex life
  • Prevent disorders in the future

With each goal, the app will challenge you by making workouts more complex and unlocking new games as you build strength, speed and endurance.

You can choose between a recommended workout regimen or create your own schedule, exercising for up to 15 minutes per day.

But there's one app feature that can only be used with Perifit Care+: an Advanced Workout section that challenges you to do Kegels while simultaneously moving as you would in real life.

It's the same concept used in pelvic floor physical therapy: Once you master Kegels while laying down or sitting, you need to advance to standing, squatting or jumping—training your muscles to automatically turn on when you need them most.

Because the original Perifit Care is more rigid, it would be difficult to perform active movements (or even stand) without the device slipping out.

We'll update this post about the Advanced Workout section for Perifit Care+ as more information becomes available.

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Kegel Trainer Comparison

Perifit Care+ vs. Perifit Care Safety and Effectiveness

Both Perifit models are medical devices cleared by the FDA as a perineometer, an instrument used to measure the strength of pelvic floor contractions.

Perifit says that a clinical study is under review suggesting the effectiveness of the original trainer.

In a survey of 6,060 participants, Perifit gathered insights into users' experiences with urinary incontinence symptoms after completing around 50, 100 and 300 sessions with the device.

The majority of respondents said that Perifit helped reduce their leaks, with improvement rates showing an upward trajectory with consistent exercise.

Following 50 sessions, 71 percent of users reported experiencing improvement. The percentage increased to 85 percent after 300 sessions, equivalent to an average duration of 4 months.


Vagercise is an independent, woman-owned retailer of Perifit and other FDA-registered Kegel trainers. We accept HSA/FSA payments and offer free shipping on orders over $99.

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