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Yarlap Automatic Kegel Trainer

Kegels are effortless with this automatic exercise device
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Take the work out of your pelvic floor workout with Yarlap, an intravaginal device that uses electrical stimulation to do Kegels for you.

Yarlap’s AutoKegel technology sends signals to your pelvic floor muscles that cause them to contract, helping you gain strength to improve bladder leaks and sexual function.

An FDA-cleared medical device, Yarlap is intended to treat stress incontinence, urge incontinence or mixed incontinence.

Offering six 20-minute programs, Yarlap ensures you’re exercising the correct muscles in the correct way, incorporating rest periods that allow your muscles to relax and reduce tension.

Manufactured in England, Yarlap was developed by a medical device company that specializes in electrical stimulation devices for muscle rehabilitation and pain relief. The Yarlap name combines the sailing term “yar,” which means correctly and lively, and a reference to your lap.

How to Use

Before using Yarlap, turn the muscle stimulator to either channel A or B and apply a 100% water-based lubricant to the device. Do not use lubricants containing silicone, mineral oils or petroleum jelly because they can damage the device.

Insert the device into the first two inches of your vagina like a tampon, with the silver parts facing toward your hips and the lead wire running toward your belly button.

You can use Yarlap in any position that you find comfortable, whether you are laying down, sitting or standing.

Turn the controller on and choose your program and intensity level. Most women will feel a comfortable pelvic floor contraction at an electric current between 20 and 40 mA. The mA level will vary throughout the session as the device alternates between stimulating and relaxing the muscles.

Yarlap recommends completing 20-minute exercise sessions, starting with three times per week and gradually increasing to five times per week. Most users see results within 2 to 12 weeks.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Class II medical device cleared in 2015 as a stimulator, electrical, non-implanted for incontinence

• Clinical research: None


• Made with 100% medical grade components


• Warranty: 5 years

• What's included: Yarlap device, PC stimulator, 5 oz hypoallergenic personal lubricant, 1 9-volt battery and carrying bag

• HSA/FSA eligibility: Yes

• Made in England

Yarlap Automatic Kegel Trainer


  • Automatic Kegels

    Yarlap uses gentle electrical pulses to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles—no squeezing required

  • Insert like a tampon

    This compact device is easy and comfortable to insert

  • 20-minute workouts

    Choose from six preset programs designed for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence