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Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings

Avoid deep pain from sex with rings that limit penetration depth
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Make sex more enjoyable for both of you with Ohnut, a set of stretchy rings that allow you to adjust penetration depth—without sacrificing sensation.

Studies suggest that as many as 75 percent of women experience pain with sex at some point in their lives, whether due to a condition like endometriosis, postpartum or menopausal changes, pelvic floor tightness or simply the size of their partner.

Ohnut’s one-of-a-kind design acts like a buffer, compressing to prevent penetration from going uncomfortably deep.

Worn on the base of the shaft (or your object of choice), each Ohnut ring stretches up to 15 inches for maximum comfort.

Ohnut is soft enough to feel like skin and can be worn over a condom. Users compare its feeling to a hug—or even nothing at all—and report that it helps alleviate concerns about pain during sex for both partners.

Ohnut consists of four rings that can be used individually or stacked together as a set. Ohnut recommends starting with three rings before adjusting to what feels best.

How to Use

Hand-wash the Ohnut with soap and water or an intimate product cleanser before every use.

Always apply a water-based or silicone lubricant before sliding on Ohnut. Do not use oils or oil-based lubricants, which can degrade the material and cause rings to tear.

Start by using three rings, then adjust for your comfort by removing or adding rings.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Considered a general wellness product not regulated by the FDA

• Clinical research: None


• Made of an FDA-approved polymer blend that is free of BPA, phthalate, silicone and latex


• Do not with oils or oil-based lubricants

• Do not use with more than one partner


• Dimensions: 2" for outer diameter of rings; 2 5/8" for height of four stacked rings; rings stretch up to 15 inches wide

• Warranty: 1 year

• What's included: Set of four stackable Ohnut rings

• FSA/HSA eligible: No

• Made in China

Ohnut Depth-Limiting Rings


  • Game-changing comfort

    Ohnut acts as a buffer during sex, preventing penetration from going too deep

  • Clinician approval

    As a rare solution for painful sex, Ohnut is recommended by more than 5,000 clinicians in the U.S.

  • Stretchy softness

    Made of a safe polymer blend, Ohnut feels like skin—or nothing at all