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Mommy Matters NeoBrief for NeoHeat Device

Keep your NeoHeat device in place with these absorbent panties
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The Mommy Matters NeoBrief keeps your NeoHeat device in place during your LED light treatment session for postpartum tears.

These reusable panties include a pocket that perfectly fits the NeoHeat, as well as velcro closures on each side for a one-size-fits-most feel and easy removal.

The NeoBrief features a built-in pad that absorbs fluids that are a natural part of the postpartum healing process.

Use cold water to machine-wash the panties separately, and dry on the delicate cycle.

The Mommy Matters NeoHeat device is sold separately.

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Due to the intimate nature of the product, the Mommy Matters NeoBrief cannot be returned.

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Mommy Matters NeoBrief for NeoHeat Device