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Milli Expandable Vaginal Dilator

Treat penetration pain with the only adjustable dilator for vaginismus
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If you experience pain with vaginal insertion—whether during sex, at the OB/GYN or simply when using a tampon—you may have vaginismus, a condition that causes the pelvic floor muscles to tighten or spasm involuntarily.

Vaginal dilators offer a solution by gradually stretching and relaxing the muscles to prepare them for penetration. The problem? You'll need to purchase several—and insert and remove them repeatedly as you find the right fit and progress to larger dilators over time.

There is no one-size-fits-all dilator—except for Milli.

Milli is the only vaginal dilator that you can adjust while you're using it, one millimeter at a time. Once Milli has been inserted, simply use the plus and minus buttons on the device to change its diameter, without the discomfort and hassle of removal.

Static dilators often have sizable differences in diameter, which can cause discomfort when advancing to the next level of dilation.

Milli allows you to control the pace of your treatment as you reclaim your sexual wellness. It also offers two vibration options, adding benefits of relaxation and even pleasure.

Milli spans the size range offered by most dilator sets on the market, starting at 15 mm (just over a half-inch) to 40 mm (slightly wider than the average penis diameter of 37 mm). The device comes with a portable case that's rechargeable via USB.

Milli is an FDA-cleared medical device intended to relieve the symptoms of vaginismus. You may have vaginismus if you have had any of the following symptoms for at least six months and they cause significant distress:
• Tightening of the muscles inside the vagina, making vaginal sex not possible
• A presence of pain (also called dyspareunia) or burning when trying to have vaginal sex
• Not wanting to have vaginal sex because of the pain or expected pain
• Avoiding vaginal sex because of the expected difficulty due to vaginal tightening and/or spasm
• Severe fear of vaginal sex or the pain associated with vaginal sex

How to Use

Lie on your back and use gentle pressure to insert Milli into your vagina, using a water-based lubricant if desired. It may be easier to insert if the tip is pointed slightly toward the tailbone.

While Milli is inserted, slowly adjust the dilation to your comfort. The plus and minus buttons on the device change its diameter, one millimeter at a time.

If you feel resistance or a sensation of tightness or pressure, pause and determine whether it is uncomfortable or painful. If needed, pull Milli out closer to the vaginal opening until you reach a place where you no longer feel discomfort. You can also rotate Milli if you are feeling pressure on your urethra.

Remove Milli in its dilated state or, if preferred, retract the device to the setting of 0 before removal. Note the dilation setting achieved during treatment to track your progress.

Milli recommends using the product for five to 20 minutes per session, three to five times per week. Repeat treatment until your desired setting can be achieved.

Clean the wand portion with soap and water before each use, and wipe the handle with a damp cloth. Do not submerge Milli underwater.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Class II medical device cleared in 2023 as a vaginal dilator

• Indications for use: The Milli Vaginal Dilator is a tool intended for controlled dilation of the vagina. It can be used for dilation for an examination (by your doctor), in preparation for a surgical procedure, or to help relieve the symptoms of vaginismus (condition that involves tightening of the vaginal muscles) and related painful sex.

• Clinical research: XXXX


• Do not use Milli if you have active pelvic (lower abdomen) infections or open wounds in the tissue inside or surrounding the vagina.

• Pregnant women should refer to their physician for guidance prior to purchasing or using Milli.


The following symptoms require assessment by a healthcare professional prior to purchasing Milli:

• Abnormal vaginal discharge (fluid/material coming out of vagina), such as a discharge that is thick, white, green or yellow, may have bad odor, or is a change in what the discharge usually looks like.

• Abnormal uterine bleeding, such as bleeding between monthly periods or when periods are extremely heavy or prolonged.

• Abnormal skin changes around or inside the vagina, like itching, burning, bumps, or discoloration.


• If symptoms, such as bleeding, vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor, pain, or severe itching occur, stop use of the device and contact your healthcare provider.

• Prolonged use of Milli Vaginal Dilator may cause vaginal abrasion (scratching) or ulceration (break in the skin).

• Contact your physician if prolonged or worsening symptoms occur.

• Milli is for single patient use only. Do not share your device with others.

• Do not soak Milli’s handle or submerge Milli under water.

• Do not bathe with Milli.

• Use only water-based lubricant with Milli. Do not use silicone-based lubricant with Milli.

• Do not use if you have a sensitivity to silicone.

• Do not use Milli if the silicone cover, device, or case is damaged.

• Do not place Milli in the microwave, dishwasher, or refrigerator.

• Do not store Milli near extreme heat or cold.

• Do not wash Milli with products containing alcohol, acetone, or petroleum.

• Do not squeeze, twist, or bend Milli’s wand.

• Do not use Milli in body parts other than the vagina.

• Do not force Milli into your vagina.

• Once inserted into the vagina at desired depth, and at least halfway, gradually increase the dilation diameter at a comfortable level.


• Diameter range: Adjusts from 15 mm (just over 0.5") to 40 mm (1.5")

• Wand length: 5.25" (8" end-to-end)

• Warranty: 1 year

• What's included: Milli dilator, portable charging case and USB cable

• FSA/HSA eligibility: Yes

• Made in XXXX

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Milli Expandable Vaginal Dilator


  • One-size-fits-all

    Milli offers 25 vaginal dilator sizes in one, adjusting one millimeter at a time to relieve vaginal tightness

  • milli dilator sizes

    Customizable control

    Expand Milli from 15 mm (just over a half-inch) to 40 mm (the diameter of the average penis) as you progress your treatment

  • Private and portable

    Milli comes with a discreet case that's rechargeable via USB