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kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer

Make Kegels comfortable and fun with this gamified, inflatable device
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Play games and get real-time feedback as you strengthen your pelvic floor with the kGoal Classic, the original smart Kegel exerciser.

The app-connected device allows you to see your squeezes on your phone screen as you hit targets or play pinball. The five-minute games incorporate pelvic floor exercises like long holds and fast pulses to build strength, endurance and control.

kGoal Classic awards a score for each workout, allowing you to track your progress and helping you stay motivated to build strength.

The device consists of an insertable squeeze pillow that conforms to your body, along with a control arm that remains outside the vagina. You can adjust the inflation level of the pillow to optimize comfort.

While other Kegel exercisers require you to remain stationary, the kGoal Classic can be used while you do exercises like lunges or squats, thanks to 360-degree sensors that adapt to pressure changes.

kGoal's workouts are designed to improve pelvic floor strength, endurance and control—all factors that can help reduce bladder leaks, build core strength and improve sexual satisfaction.

A survey of 400 users' workout scores found women made significant improvements in pelvic floor strength, endurance and control after using the device three times a week for six weeks.

How to Use

To turn on the kGoal Classic, press the button on the external arm and connect the product to the accompanying app via Bluetooth.

Choose from one of four games (Bricks, Moving Target, Shape Shift or Pinball) or create a custom workout in the app.

Before inserting the device into your vagina, use the comfort vent to adjust the squeeze pillow.

Press the silver button until the device is completely deflated. Then, once you have inserted the device, press the button again to inflate the pillow to a comfortable level.

kGoal recommends using a non-silicone lubricant with the device, as silicone can damage the product.

The kGoal Classic has a minimum 2-hour continuous use battery life and can be charged with the included USB cable.

Clean kGoal Classic with mild soap and water or antibacterial wipes before each use.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Considered a general wellness product not regulated by the FDA

• Clinical research: None


• Made of 100% phthalate-free, body-safe Class VI medical silicone


• If you have any existing pelvic health conditions, please check with your doctor or pelvic floor physical therapist to get their thoughts on whether kGoal is appropriate for your specific situation.

• Check with your doctor about use during pregnancy, since there are certain situations (e.g. placenta previa) where kGoal may not be appropriate. Following delivery, we recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before using kGoal, but again it is best to check with your doctor about when it is appropriate to start given your specific situation.

• If you have pelvic pain, you should see a pelvic floor physical therapist before embarking on Kegels or pelvic floor strengthening; Kegels will not be helpful (or can even exacerbate the problem) if the pain is caused by hypertonic (overly tense) pelvic floor muscles.


• Dimensions: Maximum rigid diameter of squeeze pillow: 1.5"

• Warranty: 2 years

• What's included: kGoal Classic device and USB cable

• Compatibility: All iOS and Android phones and tablets

• FSA/HSA eligible: No

• Made in China

Shipping and Returns

Vagercise offers free shipping on orders over $99 within the continental U.S.

Due to the intimate nature of the kGoal Classic, this product is not eligible for return. Vagercise is committed to helping customers with product questions, warranty issues and shipping problems. Please contact us with questions.

kGoal Classic Kegel Trainer


  • Comfortable exercise

    kGoal's squeezable pillow conforms to your body and can be adjusted for optimal comfort

  • Gamified workouts

    Use your Kegels to hit targets or play games to make 5-minute workouts more engaging

  • Measurable progress

    Track your improvement over time with scores for pelvic floor strength, endurance and control

Customer Reviews

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Good option after PT!

I couldn't afford any more PT sessions but need to keep working on kegels to improve my strength and bladder leaks. My therapist recommended this product as a fun way to stay in shape. So far, it is comfortable and easy to use and gives me some extra motivation and entertainment while I am doing my kegels. I am glad there is another option besides paying $175 for every therapy appointment!