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Joylux vFit Gold Red-Light LED Device for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Improve lubrication and pelvic floor strength with red-light energy
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Red-light (LED) technology promotes cell repair and collagen production, making it effective for dermatologic concerns ranging from wounds to wrinkles. So if it works on your face, why not use it on your vaginal tissue, too?

That’s the idea behind the Joylux vFit Gold, an intravaginal device that uses a patented combination of light energy, gentle heat and sonic vibration to encourage blood flow and vaginal lubrication.

Designed by an OB-GYN and designated by the FDA as a low-risk general wellness device, the vFit Gold helps soothe dryness and improve sexual function in postpartum and menopausal women.

Vaginal tissue that’s more elastic and better moisturized can lead to better pelvic floor strength and control, increased sensation and a feeling of tightness.

The device offers similar benefits to vaginal rejuvenation treatments at medical offices or spas—produced from the comfort of your home, in a fraction of the cost and time.

Nine out of 10 women experience results, with improvement within as soon as three weeks, according to company data. 95 percent reporting improved intimate wellness and 89 percent reporting increased sensation and confidence with intercourse.

The vFit Gold should be used with Photonic Gel (sold separately), an ultra-concentrated, water-based gel with hyaluronic acid and aloe that helps moisturize for added performance and comfort.

How to Use

The vFit Gold can be controlled manually or by using the Joylux app.

After charging the device for 24 hours, power it on and select a session length ranging from six to 10 minutes. If desired, choose from six vibration patterns, with options for a high-intensity or low-intensity constant vibration, slow wave or fast wave.

Apply a nickel-sized amount of Photonic Gel (sold separately) to the tip of the device to make insertion more comfortable. Carefully insert the device into your vagina until the light window is completely inside your body.

Sit back and relax during your session. Joylux recommends using the device three times weekly for six to eight weeks or until symptoms improve, then using once or twice per week to maintain results.

The lights on the device automatically turn off for 2.5 hours to give your body a rest, but the vFit can be used for sonic vibration after the light session.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Considered a general wellness product not regulated by the FDA

• Clinical research: Available for vSculpt device sold outside the U.S.


Please read the following safeguards before using. Please use caution and good judgment when using vFit.

• This Warning Symbol appears next to information about possible safety risks. Be sure to read and follow all the warnings and safety information.

• This device is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18, and close adult supervision is necessary if children under the age of 18 are near the device.

• This device is not waterproof and should not be submerged. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

• Only connect vFit with the USB cable provided and to USB power adapters certified in compliance with IEC 60950-1 or IEC 60601-1 based national standards.

• No modification of this equipment is permitted.

• Do not disassemble this equipment.

• Do not attempt to charge device while using the device.

• Mobile RF communications equipment can affect electrical equipment.

• Do not use if the safety seal on your vFit's outer box is broken.

• vFit is designed for individual use only. Please do not share.

• After each use, the device should be thoroughly cleaned.

• The device should not be used in the presence of an active sexually transmitted infection, as an active infection may have symptoms that are aggravated by use of the device.

• Please do not use if you have autonomic neuropathy, sensory neuropathy or pseudomotor dysfunction.

• Do not use the device if you are using cancer-fighting drugs, medications, or topical creams that increase photosensitivity. These may cause an adverse reaction.

• This device is intended for vaginal insertion only.

• Do not use silicone-based lubricants with the device.

• Do not stare directly into the device lights.

• Do not use if you are pregnant or believe you may be pregnant.


• Dimensions: Circumference of device is approximately 4" and requires vaginal insertion up to 4"

• Warranty: 1 year

• What's included: vFit Gold device and carrying bag

• FSA/HSA eligibility: XXX

• Made in XXX

Shipping and Returns

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Due to the intimate nature of the Joylux vFit Gold, this product is not eligible for return. Vagercise is committed to helping customers with product questions, warranty issues and shipping problems. Please contact us with questions.

Joylux vFit Gold Red-Light LED Device for Vaginal Rejuvenation


  • At-home vaginal rejuvenation

    Light, heat and sonic vibration promote intimate health—at a fraction of in-office prices

  • More moisture

    vFit Gold encourages blood flow and lubrication, aiding in a range of pelvic floor and intimacy concerns

  • Better sex

    89% of women reported increased sensation and confidence during intercourse