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Intimate Rose Kegel Weights

Maximize strength with the only FDA-cleared silicone vaginal weights
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To build strength in the gym, would you do squats with your body weight alone—or progress over time by lifting increasingly heavier dumbbells?

The same concept holds true with Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor. The Intimate Rose set includes six progressive weights, ranging from 0.9 ounces for beginners to the heaviest intravaginal weight on the market, at 4.4 ounces.

Developed by doctors and used in Academy of Pelvic Health training courses, the Intimate Rose Kegel system is the only set of silicone vaginal weights cleared by the FDA as a medical device. The weights are made of medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, BPA-free and non-porous for easy cleaning.

Use the weights to rebuild weakened pelvic floor muscles and reduce pelvic organ prolapse, the dropping of pelvic organs into the walls of the vagina. A stronger pelvic floor helps reduce bladder leaks, improve core strength and enhance sexual feeling for you and your partner.

Intimate Rose recommends using a Kegel weight for 10 to 15 minutes a day while being active during your daily routine, whether you’re taking a shower or doing chores around the house.

How to Use

Start with the lightest color weight and progress to darker weights as your strength improves. Insert the weight while keeping the cord outside your body, as you would a tampon, with one leg raised on a step or chair. Use a water-based lubricant to make insertion more comfortable.

To identify your starter weight, hold the weight inside your body for two minutes using only your pelvic floor muscles. If you can do so successfully, repeat the process with the next weight until you find a weight that's challenging yet comfortable.

Once you identify your starter weight, hold it inside your vagina for 10 to 15 minutes daily while undergoing daily activities. You're ready to advance to the next weight when you can hold it for 15 minutes while taking actions like walking, climbing stairs or coughing.

To maintain your strength over time, use the heaviest weight you can tolerate three to five times per week.

Wash the weights with warm soap and water before each use. If you find any cracks or damage to the weight, discontinue use and contact Intimate Rose for a replacement.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Class II medical device cleared in 2020 as a perineometer (an instrument for measuring the strength of voluntary pelvic floor contractions)

• Indications for use: The Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System is indicated for the strengthening of the perineal pelvic floor muscles by providing resistance to an individual's voluntary contractions of these muscles. It seeks to correct, through exercise, low tone in the pelvic floor, which can cause or contribute to health issues including urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

• Clinical research: None


• Made of medical-grade silicone that is BPA-free and hypoallergenic


• Do not use during the first six weeks postpartum, after pelvic surgery or during pregnancy without clearance from a health care professional.

• Do not use with grade 4 pelvic organ prolapse.

• Do not use if you have a vaginal or urinary infection.

• Remove other intravaginal devices such as tampons, pessaries or e-strings before using this product.

• Do not use if you experience pain while inserting the device.

• Do not share your weights with others.

• Do not use if there are any visible cracks in the silicone.


• Warranty: 1 year

• What's included: Set of six weights weighing 0.9 oz, 1.4 oz, 2.1 oz, 3 oz, 3.7 oz and 4.4 oz (25-125g)

• FSA/HSA eligibility: Yes

• Made in China

Shipping and Returns

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Intimate Rose Kegel Weights


  • intimate rose kegel weights how to use

    Progressive strength building

    A set of six weights helps you progress from Kegel beginner to master in 15 minutes per day

  • intimate rose kegel exercise system


    Unlike cheap competitors, Intimate Rose Kegel weights are FDA-cleared and recommended by medical experts

  • intimate rose kegel weights how to use

    Safe and sanitary

    Medical-grade silicone and a non-porous design increases cleanliness and decreases risk of infection