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Femme Flexor Pelvic Floor Strengthening Tool

This therapist-designed tool adds resistance to your pelvic workout
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Add resistance to your pelvic floor workout with the Femme Flexor, a Canadian-made strengthening tool designed by a pelvic floor physical therapist.

A resistance object in the vaginal canal can help train your mind-body connection in performing Kegels correctly and challenge your muscles to grow stronger. The shape and precise degree of resistance target the three layers of tissue in the vagina.

When inserting the Femme Flexor, you’ll likely feel a sensation of fullness and you may already feel the impulse to contract your pelvic floor muscles around the device. Start by performing 10 Kegel contractions, increasing the number of sets and length of holds as you gain strength.

Femme Flexor Pelvic Floor Strengthening Tool