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Cora Free-to-Move Organic Incontinence Liners (30 Count)

Stay dry from moderate bladder leaks with these 100% organic liners
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Cora Free-to-Move bladder liners are thin yet powerful, absorbing 16 times their weight to keep you drier for longer.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, Cora liners are 100% organic and are free of chlorine, fragrances, dyes and harsh chemicals.

A 100% organic cotton top sheet quickly traps urine into an absorbent core that keeps you dry. The layers keep odors away without using synthetic fragrances.

This set of 30 extra-long bladder liners provides Cora's most coverage against moderate leaks and can be purchased with your HSA or FSA funds.

The extra-long pad measures 3.6" in width and 9.4" in length.

Cora Free-to-Move Organic Incontinence Liners (30 Count)