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Attn: Grace Incontinence Pads

Plant-based pads absorb bladder leaks while being gentle on skin
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Most incontinence pads don't feel great on your body or your skin. That's why Attn: Grace pads are different.

Attn: Grace pads are made with a 100% plant-based Skin-Safe top sheet that's better for sensitive skin and 10 times more moisture-wicking than the cotton used in most pads.

Dermatologist tested and approved, Attn: Grace products are soft and free of chlorine, synthetic fragrances, lotions and latex to keep you feeling fresh and healthy.

Attn: Grace incontinence pads come in a range in absorbencies designed to handle anything from a drip to a heavy gush of pee:
• Hybrid liner: 4 teaspoons
• Moderate: 7 teaspoons
• Heavy: 13.5 teaspoons
• Ultimate: 1.6 cups

The Hybrid pad/liner is paper-thin at 2.8 mm in thickness, while the Moderate, Heavy and Ultimate pads are 5 mm in thickness but vary in length and absorbency.

Pads are sold in packs of 28.

Attn: Grace Incontinence Pads