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ELITONE helps with leaks during exercise

"I can run again!!!" wrote Kaylyn.

"You have given me my life back: exercise, sex, jogging—no problem!" one anonymous reviewer wrote.

ELITONE can be more effective than doing Kegels alone

Positive reviewers commented that they saw more results from using ELITONE than doing Kegel exercises, with or without the help of a physical therapist.

In a 20-minute workout, ELITONE does the equivalent of 100 perfect Kegels—more than most women could achieve on their own, especially with the correct form. Studies suggest that a quarter of women do Kegels incorrectly.

"I could feel a big difference in the strength of my pelvic floor muscles versus when I was only doing physical therapy exercises," one reviewer wrote.

One lifelong runner, a physical therapist herself, said ELITONE gave her results after years of Kegels.

"The ELITONE worked and has improved my pelvic floor strength, beyond what I was capable of doing with exercise," she said.

ELITONE helps postpartum women with incontinence

Many ELITONE users speak of getting their lives back after having kids—regardless of whether they gave birth months or decades ago.

Caitlin wrote that she was "desperate" for incontinence solutions after giving birth to a 10-pound baby.

"After only about 2 weeks of regular use, I can sneeze and cough without fear of leaks!" she wrote.

ELITONE improves sexual function and satisfaction

Some women who purchased ELITONE for incontinence noticed a nice side effect: better sex. A stronger pelvic floor produces stronger orgasms and can help promote natural lubrication, too.

"My sexual health and confidence have grown so much," Ashley said. "Best investment EVER!"

Kelli said ELITONE resolved the worsening leaks she had experienced both day and night—while improving her sex life, too.

"I can control all those little muscles again; my husband says it's like before I had kids!" she wrote.

ELITONE is less expensive and more convenient than other treatments

Some reviewers noted they chose ELITONE because they couldn't see a pelvic floor physical therapist for logistical or financial reasons.

At $399, ELITONE costs as much as only a couple of PT sessions—and hundreds or thousands of dollars less than other treatments.

"ELITONE being cheaper than surgery is how I justified the cost," Melissa said.

One anonymous reviewer compared ELITONE to treatment with electromagnetic chairs used in medical offices.

"My gynecologist was disappointed to hear I had found a more reasonably priced solution than 'the $800 a session chair' in his office," one reviewer wrote. "Sometimes women have to do their own research and find their own way."

ELITONE Negative Reviews

Most negative reviews of ELITONE complained did not completely cure their symptoms, with some users also experiencing difficulty with the device battery and GelPad placement. 

Battery life is short

Some users complain that ELITONE required charging after one or two uses, depending on the intensity level used.

"I have to charge it before each use for longer than the use itself takes," Serena said. "If I forget to plug it in right before I'm going to use it, then I can't use it at the time period when I want to use it."

ELITONE notes that five to 10 minutes of charging (enough to see a green light) will power the device for one session. Because the device is so compact and therefore contains a small battery, it's best to charge the device overnight.

If your battery is malfunctioning, ELITONE is covered by a 1-year warranty.

ELITONE GelPads can be difficult to position 

The ELITONE GelPad adheres to the skin around your pubic bone, with the opening aligned to the top of the vulva and around the clitoris. According to some reviewers, achieving that positioning is easier said than done.

"The gel pads can be difficult to place correctly; it's hit and miss," one wrote.

"Always bunched up, never in the right place," Debra said.

ELITONE says that placing the pad too high on the vulva is a common mistake and recommends moving it backward. If the pad feels too long, you can move the rear electrodes closer to the front of your vulva. 

If you're not feeling a strong contraction, try sitting down to compress the pad against your muscles. Dry skin and pubic hair can interfere with the electric current, so try applying ELITONE after a moisturizing shower (and a shave). 

ELITONE GelPads require replacement


ELITONE says pads typically last 15 to 20 sessions and should be stored in the resealable pouch to extend their use.

ELITONE does not cure incontinence

If you're looking for a 100 percent cure for incontinence, you might be disappointed with ELITONE—and any other product or treatment.

In a clinical trial, 83 percent of participants said they were satisfied with ELITONE after using the device daily for six weeks. But nearly all—95 percent—reported having fewer leaks each day.

ELITONE negative reviews echoed a similar sentiment: Users still experienced leaks, but they had seen signs of improvement, like being able to wear light liners instead of heavy pads.

"Leaks had become a daily experience and although not completely resolved, I'm hoping to be able to start running again soon thanks to the reduction in leaks," Catherine B. said.

Some reviewers admitted that inconsistency may be to blame for their lack of progress. ELITONE recommends using the device four to five times a week for six to 12 weeks.

"Not a 100% fix for me, but helps when I use them consistently," Lori said.

"It works well on the days that I use it and when I don't use it, I have more leakage," Donna noted.