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Perifit Care Kegel Trainer

Play your way to pelvic floor strength with this 14-game device
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Race a car around a track or dodge asteroids in a spaceship during your pelvic floor workout with Perifit Care, the Bluetooth-connected Kegel exerciser with 14 interactive smartphone games.

Developed with leading French pelvic floor physical therapists, Perifit combines video-game fun with biofeedback that allows you to see your pelvic floor contractions on screen, in real time.

Like a physical therapist, Perifit customizes exercises to your symptoms. The stress incontinence program trains you for a well-timed Kegel during a sneeze, while the urge incontinence program helps you build endurance needed to reach the restroom.

An FDA-cleared medical device, Perifit helps you improve your technique for maximum effectiveness, thanks to dual-sensor technology that can differentiate between a correct Kegel and an incorrect push or strain.

The sensors, located near the vaginal entrance and the cervix, measure both the strength of your Kegel and the amount of pressure in your abdomen.

Perifit keeps you motivated and challenged as you progress through 10 levels of difficulty, starting with simple Kegel contractions and advancing to complex muscle-control patterns needed for real-life situations.

The Perifit app also offers a community forum for users to share tips, as well as training exercises that help you refine your technique and even compete against other users as you squeeze.

The app tracks your overall pelvic fitness, including strength, control, speed, endurance and the quality of your Kegels—with every game helping to restore bladder control, build core strength and improve sexual satisfaction.

How to Use

Connect the Perifit to your device using Bluetooth, then follow the app instructions to calibrate your device and create a profile.

Insert the Perifit in your vagina (as you would with a tampon) while lying with your knees bent and legs apart. Use a water-based lubricant for added comfort.

The white portion of the device, as well as the wire, should remain outside your vagina. The white collar should be aligned with your front-and-back axis, with the on/off button pointing toward your clitoris and the lotus symbol toward your anus.

Choose a workout or create your own custom plan, adjusting the duration, intensity and goals for areas of improvement.

Follow the app as it guides you through a workout. Use while laying down, sitting or standing. Perifit recommends using the app three to five times per week for 10 minutes per session.

After each use, clean the device with mild soap or a cleaner made for intimate accessories.

Safety and Effectiveness


• FDA status: Class II medical device cleared in 2023 as a perineometer (an instrument for measuring the strength of voluntary pelvic floor contractions)

• Indications for use: The Perifit is a perineometer designed to treat stress, mild-moderate urge and mixed urinary incontinence in women, by strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through exercise. This device provides biofeedback via smart phone technology. Perifit is indicated for an adult female.

• Clinical research: In progress, not yet published


• Made of medical-grade silicone, which won't cause bodily reactions and is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant

• Free of BPA, phthalates and EA chemicals

• 100% waterproof


• Perifit is not recommended if you are pregnant or allergic to medical-grade silicone or nickel.

• Consult a healthcare professional before use if you have prolapse, have pelvic pain or spasms, experience blood in your urine or after sex, have neurological issues, have a recent history of recurrent urinary tract infections or suffer from continuous urine loss or incomplete bladder emptying.


• Product dimensions: 3.1" length x .8" diameter (insertable portion)

• Product weight: .1 pounds

• Warranty: 1 year from purchase date

• Compatibility: iPhones and iPads with iOS13 or newer, Android phones and tablets with Android 5.0 or newer

• What's included: Perifit device (no charging required)

• FSA/HSA eligibility: Yes

• Made in China

Shipping and Returns

Vagercise offers free shipping on orders over $99 within the continental U.S.

Due to the intimate nature of Perifit, this product is not eligible for return. Vagercise is committed to helping customers with product questions, warranty issues and shipping problems. Please contact us with questions.

Perifit Care Kegel Trainer


  • Gamify your workouts

    Choose from 14 interactive games tailored to issues like stress or urge incontinence

  • Measure your progress

    See opportunities for improvement in areas like Kegel quality, endurance and agility

  • Optimize technique

    Dual sensors measure both abdominal pressure and contraction strength

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Impressive games

I was surprised how fun the games were. It's like a real video game! Definitely makes kegels a lot more interesting.

I love my vagina games

I used to be super embarrassed about my leaks but now I am telling all my friends about my 'vagina games' LOL! This is such a great idea and I wish I had it earlier before I wasted a bunch of time doing Kegels on my own.

Actually fun!

I bought this device because I get so bored doing Kegels and therefore don't do them frequently enough. The Perifit makes exercise much more interesting and motivational! The games are really well done. I actually get into playing the games and forget that I'm doing Kegels. There are also a lot of cool features in the app, like some areas where you can practice your technique and get feedback. I am definitely seeing improvement with bladder leaks after only two weeks. I will never do Kegels without Perifit again!