Play Video Games With Your Vag (Seriously)

Kegels are boring, but not with these smart devices that turn squeezing into a game

It's Not Just You

Pelvic floor dysfunction is common, complex, costly—and curable with the right treatment.

Products and therapy can restore bladder control, improve sex, and reduce pain in the back, hips and more.

Learn more about pelvic floor issues.

  • 1 in 4

    A quarter of women have a pelvic floor disorder causing symptoms like incontinence and pain

  • 49%

    Almost half of women experience bladder leaks one year after giving birth

  • $1,348

    Women with severe incontinence pay the price for supplies and care annually

Only Your Baby Should Be Wearing Diapers

Vagercise connects you with pelvic floor information, products and experts so you can reclaim your life (or at least resume wearing light-colored leggings).